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Guarda corpo infinity
Guarda corpo em aço inox tubo redondo
Guarda corpo infinity
Guarda corpo em aço inox tubo 1 1/2" e 5/8
Guarda corpo em aço inox tubo 50x30, 40x40, 15x15
Guarda corpo em aço inox tubo 40x40 e vidro
Guarda corpo em aço inox tubo redondo
Guarda corpo em aço inox tubo quadrado
Guarda Corpo em aço inox tubo 1 1/2" e 5/8
Guarda corpo aço inox pinça preta, vidro e canaleta preta

Avenida Luiz Pavão, 663
Distrito Industrial 
Ibaté - SP
16 3472-0611
16 2120-0379

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It all started when a 7-year-old boy in the small town of Jaíba MG started picking up the wooden boxes that came with vegetables for his father's fruit shop and making shoeshine boxes, lending them to his classmates with the right to share in the profits. 09 years old became interested in the welder profession when passing in front of a sawmill going to school, offered to sweep and organize the company for free to learn the profession, the 11 years old had already learned to paint, sand and finish, linked to this, he kept the shoeshine men and got up earlier so that before going to school he could sell bread and help with the family budget, at 14 he already had his first motorcycle, a thoroughbred horse and he was already a welder, assembling doors, windows and carbon steel gates, at the age of 19, after feeling a need to help others, he dedicated himself to missionary work, taking drug and drink addicts to recovery centers and meeting God, but s never left his entrepreneurship aside, kept his business and still helped other people, when he moved to Montes Claros - MG he opened his own locksmith shop, learned to work with stainless steel and chose the beautiful state of São Paulo to expand his business and for 08 years in the state built its facilities in the Industrial District of Ibaté SP, with all LASER cutting structure, CNC bending, tube bending machine, TIG, MIG, MAG welding machines, all structure comprising 4,000 square meters with capacity to serve small, medium and large projects, it's been 24 years of a history of dedication, seriousness, commitment and a lot of love.

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